Lost your Energy Performance Certificate

We can find and recover it

Because EPCs are and have been a statutory requirement since 2007, if you bought a property since then it should have had a valid Energy Performance Certificate,
A certificate lasts for 10 years, although it is considered advantageous for it to be only 3 years old at the time of marketing, or if upgrading or refurbishment work has been undertaken for energy saving measures, a new one would represent the property more accurately.
However, if you need to retrieve energy performance certificate having lost, mislaid it or was never given one by your energy assessor, we can retrieve an energy performance certificate copy for you, for a £10.00 fee.
Just send the address and the fee (PayPal = dalesenergy@epc-dea.co.uk) or request a different payment method.
We will then recover it or confirm that no EPC exists for the property and produce one or recommend a suitable DEA to survey your property and supply an up to date EPC.
It is possible to find to a copy yourself if you prefer from the EPC Register (www.epcregister.com) entering the post code or report reference number or use the contact form below with your details or else Text <- Direct from these links -> Phone and we will do the work, and send the copy to you.

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